“I’ve known Ben for a number of years now, in several capacities.  Firstly, as a bandleader, Ben is organised and thorough.  He runs a tight ship and has high expectations, whilst always encouraging and facilitating freedom and growth within his band.  His demands are high, but in a way to show band members the possibilities of a large ensemble.  Ben has great knowledge of the vast array of historical big band repertoire whilst keeping his ear to the grown for up-and-coming composers and contemporary charts.  I thoroughly enjoy being part of his band. As a freelance musician, I have always found Ben to approach work with a positive and welcoming attitude.  His playing is well beyond his years; tone, timing, intonation are all superb and he is a joy to play alongside in a horn section or big band.  Always punctual and considered a professional.”


Steve Bland Trumpet Player/Fixer


“I met Ben at a Jazz course in So-Cal, summer 2019, and he can play! After hearing him you'll think that he's a lot older than he really is. I remember when I first heard him play that you could hear the shedding in his playing and his ideas were hip and classic at the same time. We have worked on a few projects and they are always a blast."


Bryce Yuen Trumpet Player

“I've know Ben for over five years, and in that time he has never failed to impress me. He is extremely hard working, multi-talented and has a drive I've seen in just a few his age. He runs his own big band, he studies music and still manages to find time to professionally play, MD and compose his own work. I'm extremely proud to call Ben a friend, as he will be going places and I have nothing but pride in knowing him.”


Adam Guest Director - Encore! Performing Arts

"I took lessons from Ben as a vocal coach to help me work on my singing skills, after a long time not doing so. He helped me find my voice, work on my range, and fix some pitching and tone issues, all whilst having fun! Due to Covid-19 Ben coaches me via Zoom. We start with some warm-ups and the work on a variety of songs and exercises. Ben's instructions are very clear, his tips are always useful and he has a positive mindset when teaching, which is definitely what I needed! Now I can sing again, and have made a great friend in the process. Thanks Ben."


Brodie Donougher Singer and Performer

"I’ve only known Ben for a short period of time; however, in this small timeframe, I’ve already seen what a generous, diligent, and dependable man he is. A few months ago, he reached out to me on social media and asked if we could collaborate. At first, I was hesitant because I didn’t know him or his talents yet, but after hearing what he could do with a piano, I was absolutely blown away. Since then, we’ve done a few projects together — he records a track and I record the vocals — and it has been a pleasure to work with him each and every time. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and of course EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED! I am very honoured to have worked with such a wonderful guy and to be able to call him a friend of mine now. Keep an eye on him — he’s going to make it far."


Nick Palazzolo Singer and Performer

"Ben is a very talented individual, highly skilled and is clearly naturally gifted. I have worked with him on numerous occasions either playing alongside him or where I have been music director on various shows. Ben listens well, is very adaptive, has a high level of understanding and knowledge of musicality, theory, and expression on each of the instruments that he plays. He is always a valued asset, a very competent sight-reader and a very practical improviser. Ben conducts himself well and has been noted by members of production teams that I have worked with, not only for his skill as a musician but his professionalism and friendliness in and out of the pit. He is and will continue to be a high achiever in this field and has already shown his passion for music on the varied musicals that we have worked together on.”


Dave Adey Music Director

"In the six years I have known Ben on the music scene in the Midlands I have seen him grow and develop very quickly both in terms of his extraordinary talent as a musician but also in his personality. As a musician myself, with over 40 years of experience, when someone like Ben appears on the scene there is something you can immediately sense, in that you are in the presence of someone who is destined for great things in their chosen profession whatever that turns out to be.

During that time, and on many occasions since, Ben has confirmed to me that he is indeed a very talented, dedicated and professional musician with a flair and approach which is infectious and brings out the best of those around him.  He has matured into an inspirational leader, leading by example, of his own Big Band project and quickly established himself as a highly sourced Musical Director for many theatre companies.

However, Ben has demonstrated his maturity by making the necessary sacrifices, mainly in terms of his playing, to underpin his musical career with the necessary qualifications which will help him achieve his ultimate goal. An admirable quality indeed. For those who are with him during this time and on into the future are in for a real treat. Ben is always full of enthusiasm and great fun to be with and a great team player in helping bring out the best from people with anything which he is involved. My only regret is that I am unlikely to be playing with him again in the future as my career comes to an end and more likely to be watching him from an audience perspective. One lucky audience. At least I know with Ben around there is a bright future."


Jeff Widdowson Bassist


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